Friday, 31 May 2013

Review of #32 Dark Genesis by Dave Ferraro

Dark Genesis is AWESOME! and so is Dave Ferraro.

Throw in a parallel universe, supernatural beings, kick-ass lead female character and evil villains to the mix and you will get a Dark Genesis cake. :D

I know,  I'm cheesy like that but seriously, Dark Genesis is worth the midnight oil.

Dark Genesis grips you from the very beginning and kept slapping you with shock after shock.
The storyline is fantastic and fresh that you will not get bored at all.

I am in love with the main character because she is so strong and determined even though she has lost her memories.

Not only that, the connection between the main character and her entourage that she picks up along the story makes this book one of the best book I've ever read.

There is no doubt that Dave is in my favourite authors list.



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