Thursday, 30 May 2013

#45 Easy "A" (Magic School U.S.A. #1) by Charlie Fey

Richard "Vegas" Beltran is an underachiever. That's bad for any student, but it's especially bad when you go to a wizardry school. Black Magic is something to be taken very seriously, but Vegas has been caught smoking "eye of newt" in the boys' bathroom, and all of his bubbling cauldrons contain ice and alcohol...

The principal, Professor Diaz, is ready to drop Vegas into a slower-paced magic class. But Vegas would rather die, Houdini-style, in a botched escape act than have to suffer through "remedial magic."

After all, Vegas only came to Absolution Academy, school for the "Paranormal Sciences," to learn a spell that would bring his girlfriend, Katherine, back from the DEAD.

Unfortunately, now that his tuition's been paid, he finds that resurrecting the dead is an act of Godslaughter--a forbidden form of magic--and at Absolution Academy, an illegal activity.
But "illegal" is a funny word... one among many that Vegas doesn't seem to know the meaning of...

**Easy A**

Vegas is determined to find the spell he needs to bring his beloved back from the DEAD. His teachers warn him that it's a criminal act. Haters are motivators, and Vegas is sure he'll be able to do what even his teachers CAN'T.

He strikes up a deal with creepy professor Allen Allens. If Vegas survives one night of "detention" in Dr. Allens torture chamber, Allen Allens will give Vegas a spell book that contains the spell he needs.

...The forbidden Resurrection spell...

And if Vegas doesn't pass the evil Doctor's death trap for teenagers? He can choose between being Allens' gorgeous young sex slave or face the cold grip of DEATH.

...Death is the better deal.

It's all or nothing for Richard Beltran and if he dies at least he'll never have to eat that sh*tty school cafeteria food ever again...


This is the FULL VERSION of "American Magic School: Tricks of the Trade", published under the name of the dead comedy writer that possesses me, "Charlie Fey".



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