Friday, 10 January 2014

Review of #61 The Book of Shade by K.C. Finn

Hello guys! As I promised, a new review is here!! *Woohoo*
I am really excited to get back into the groove, starting a new semester of college, making new friends, dodging bad friends and read lots and Lots and LOts and LOTs and LOTS!

So yeah, here it is, The Book of Shade!!


Lily Coltrane’s to-do list for starting university life is pretty simple:
1. Make friends
2. Meet a cute guy
3. Survive her first year in Modern History
In the little English town of Piketon this seems more than achievable, so much so that Lily even joins The Illustrious Minds Literary Society, an extra-curricular club that promises a truly unique social experience. What Lily doesn’t bank on are the Society’s monthly visits to the mysterious Theatre Imaginique at the edge of town, a dark venue that houses the most obscure cavalcade of carnival performers she has ever laid eyes on. 
Stranger still is the emergence of the theatre’s enigmatic proprietor Lemarick Novel, a stupendous showman with a frosty wit who never seems to smile, and who raises a plethora of questions in Lily’s fearful mind. How does he levitate with no sign of wires or mirrors? How do the lightning bolts that shoot from his hands look so real? And why, of all the people in the theatre, do his pale eyes keep locking on hers? 
The answers to this and more lie buried in heritage and blood. The Book of Shade is opening, and Lily Coltrane will read it, whether she wants to or not.

Yeap, I really don't like the face on the book but once you start reading, you'll understand why its there. He's quite ugly isn't it? Hehe...

My review

Reading the synopsis of the story had my heart pumping in anticipation and guess what?
It really got my heart pumping!

At first, it started out in a really nice and comfortable pace. Lily met her new roommate and seems to be fascinated with her.

However, as the story progresses, I can't help but think that The Book of Shade is almost a tinny-bit similar to The Cirque du Freak book....and I HAVE SINNED.

It was absolutely awesome.

Expect what any normal college student would do in a new semester, studying really hard, finishing assignments and then suddenly knowing that you have powers. You freak out even more when the so-called magician of Theatre Imaginique keeps staring at you in between acts and try to scare you.
He looks prematurely old but he's actually young. Well, not really.

The one thing that I love the most in this book is the attraction between Lily and Novel.
I mean, he doesn't even smile and Lily made it her mission to see him smile even if its only once.
Its not like those usual book where the girl will fall in love with the guy and vice versa.

There are no heart stuttering, breathless moments or falling in love at first side in this story.

There is only a moment of clarity of how perfect his imperfection was to her, the lengths that he'll go to protect her and then "The Kiss" happens.

This book is just awesome.

Be prepared to be surprised, have fun in figuring out the fantastic posters of Theatre Imaginique, cringe in anticipation of the suspense and fall in love with The Book of Shade.

K.C. Finn is AWESOME. Definitely on my favorite authors list.


Saturday, 4 January 2014

The Return of Selina!

Hello everyone!!

It has been a long time since I've posted anything in my blog and that's why I want to say Sorry! to all of you!

Yes, I took a few months break to sort out college stuff, had random holidays and getting ready for a new semester of college.

It was hectic, stressful, relief and awesomeness all thrown into one.

I hope all of you had a great new year and stay tune for a LOT of updates and books cause its WAY past its time.


Thank You to everyone who are still here supporting me. I love you!
May you all always be well and happy!  

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Review of #60 The Golden Couple (The Samantha Project #2) by Stephanie Karpinske

In this action-packed second installment of The Samantha Project series, Samantha and Erik go on a search to find a way to save themselves from the genetic time bomb ticking away in their cells. Along the way, they discover a shocking secret--one they wish they were never told! 

Although Samantha's boyfriend, Colin, is back now, her feelings for Erik are getting stronger by the minute. It isn't long before she finally learns the real reason why she can't resist Erik. But only after she's gone too far with him! So far that Colin may never forgive her. 

GlobalLife Genetics continues to pursue Samantha and they'll stop at nothing to get her. Sam still doesn't understand what GlobalLife's plan is for her but she knows it's something big. And she knows it isn't good.

My review:  =]

Hello again! I could finally post this review because the internet has been acting up lately.

First of all, Stephanie Karpinske is one my favorite authors and 'The Golden Couple' definitely blew me away!

The way she writes about the character, the flow of the story line and the chemistry between Sam + Colin and Sam + Erik and the building tension between Sam and Erik was absolutely explosive!

The second installment of The Samantha Project definitely surpasses my expectation and Stephanie Karpinske should be at the top with great authors like J.K. Rowling and Richelle Mead.

The Golden Couple actually introduced more characters into the picture as to the big players that funded The Samantha Project.

Expect awesome spy-like scenes, the jealousy and running emotions in my favorite main character, Sam, and the epic journey that Sam and friends had to go through just to stop their own ticking time bomb from shutting down their own bodies.

The Golden Couple is a thrilling ride, like a roller coaster with fantastic twist and turns that makes your stomach go, "Woohoo!".

I know I've said this before but I'll gladly say it again. 
Stephanie...YOU'RE AWESOME!


Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Review of #59 Crushing by Elena Dillon

Hey guys! I know its been really long since I've updated my blog. I've been busy with my college assignments and the internet has been really crappy. I can't even load the browser and it sucks. Anyways, I'm so happy to present Crushing by Elena Dillon. (P.S. She's oh-so-awesome)

As a pampered and adored daughter of a wealthy Southern family Rory's life was seemingly perfect until her troubled childhood crush moves back in across the street forcing her to choose between him and the life that has been chosen for her. 

As if that isn't enough, her quiet island town has turned dangerous. A good friend has gone missing, lending truth to the rumors of a serial kidnapper. In her quest to help she becomes a target and will have to make choices about love, friendship and the inevitable sacrifice that they both require.

My review:

Crushing is unlike any other books that I've read.

The intro is awesome, the buildup is awesome, and the ending the awesome.
Basically, everything about 'Crushing' is AWESOME.

I love the writing style because it flows really nicely and smoothly. The story line is absolutely adorable and breathtaking at all the perfect moments.

It really is an engaging read and you'll love every dip and turn of this roller coaster.

You can't help but fall in love with all the characters in the book because you just love them.

The chemistry between Rory and Gage is absolutely electrifying! 
There's so much mystery that surrounds Gage's character and you're constantly wondering whether Rory should trust him or not.


Monday, 2 September 2013

Virtual Book Blog Tour & Review: Heavenly Hell by Aria Williams

Olla amigos! This is the blog tour and review of Heavenly Hell. :D

Take a look at the fantastic cover and the synopsis of it. My review of Heavenly Hell will be down below! 

Heavenly Hell
by Aria Williams
Release Date: 04/24/13

Summary from Goodreads:

You'd think being stuck in the body of a beautiful seventeen year old girl forever would be a gift. But when you are fallen, it is more like a curse. Indiana was a beautiful angel, enjoying the perks of Heaven, until she was tricked by a demon to fall in love with him. She was forced to fall from Heaven and remain in her seventeen year old form, banished to Earth, for all of eternity.

Now, unable to cope with her banishment, she is a seemingly normal sev
enteen year old girl by day, while she spends her nights punishing men for the wrongs they have committed against women.

Although Indiana has lived on Earth for thousands of years, she recently settled into a small town, where she has finally been able to make some lasting friendships. When a handsome, mysterious boy comes to town, Indiana knows something is not right. He might end up her ally, or she might end up in the fight of her life.

About the Author

I am an author with Limitless Publishing who loves to write YA and paranormal romance.

Author Links

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My review: =)

First of all, the cover is absolutely stunning. 

I love the electric blue, the background and the wings. It's really beautiful and it was the cover who'd caught my attention.

The story on the other hand has its good and bad side.

I loved the starting part. It was eye catching and the scene really called out to me because it shows a kickass girl kicking an a-hole. 

I loved how Aria described how the main character, Indy threatens the teacher who molested her close friend.

That was way cool.

The story was pretty nice until Nate  (he's the handsome, mysterious boy) comes into the picture.

He's all stone cold and stuff. It was kinda cliche and it gets annoying at times.

Not only that, the transition between conversations are really undefined. I get confused at times and I feel it needs more editing.

Not only that, the chemistry between Indy and Nate is kinda non-existent.

The games that they play is seriously weird. (They play weird games to show that they hate each other but don't wanna tell anyone)

Anyways, I give points for trying and the idea behind the story of Indy taking matters to her own hands in new for me so I believe this is one of the perks.

The ending is terrible because it was like a sudden stop. I have problems with the writing style but maybe its just me.

I give 3 out of 5 stars for Heavenly Hell.
Aria Williams definitely have the talent but with more editing, Heavenly Hell will be a great read.


Buy links!

P.S. For those of you who wants to check this book out but you wanna get it for free, do enter for the Heavenly Hell Giveaway down below. :D Enjoy!

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Thursday, 29 August 2013

Review of #58 A Class Apart (Class Heroes #1) by Stephen Henning

A very good day (or night) to all my readers! I am so happy to present "A Class Apart" to all of you out there. I'll tell you why in a while. *wink*

First, take a look at "A Class Apart". :D

Teenage twins James and Samantha Blake are caught up in a seemingly random terrorist bombing while on a school trip. Many of their friends are killed. When the twins wake up in hospital, their lives have changed forever.

The doctors are amazed at the speed with which James and Sam recover from their injuries and, when the twins begin to exhibit extraordinary powers, it is obvious that something incredible has happened.

As James and Sam attempt to overcome their fears and embrace their new abilities, a series of murders and disappearances start plaguing the hospital. The twins aren’t the only ones with special abilities and it becomes apparent that someone is coming for them.

Will James and Sam be able to survive the nightmare into which they have been plunged? Who, or what, is behind the murders at the hospital? And was that terrorist incident quite so random after all?


The cover is absolutely stunning. I love the design of it because it has a sci-fi look to it yet the colors scream "VINTAGE" or old school blue.

At my first glance of the synopsis, I find the story to be really interesting.
It was similar to other stories yet it was really different as I started reading the book.

The introduction of the book was pretty normal, high school bullying and a really really mean girl.

I felt this was kinda cliche at first but it turns out to be a really explosive story.

As you read, you feel yourself getting pulled into the story. 

The bomb scene was pretty cool and I liked how Stephen wrote it all.

The main characters of the story (James and Sam) are these really interesting bunch of people.

I loved how their relationship as siblings made me feel, "Oh, wow. This is GOOD." in a story.

I loved the way how they function together as a family and seeing their ties getting stronger as the story progressed was really unique.

The one main thing that I really really REALLY loved about the story is THE SUSPENSE.

The utterly, exhilarating suspense of who-what-did-it kinda thing.

I was constantly wondering who the heck was the bad guy, who the heck was helping them, what was actually real and what was actually a dream.

I was CONSTANTLY STRESSED with these questions running through my head and I LOVED IT.

This was a really interactive experience and I truly enjoyed this book.

Some of you might be really surprised with the ending (which I did) but some of you may not. (I guess you're a genius then... which is good!)

Stephen Henning is definitely on my favorite authors list.



Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Review of #57 The Coffee Shop by Lauren Hunter

Hello everyone! The internet has been a pain in the ass and there were some technical problems with everything! But now, let's rejoice and take a look at THE COFFEE SHOP!

If Derrick thought experiencing alternate timelines and glimpses into the future was strange, then he had no idea it was about to get a whole lot more strange.

When Derrick Sloane meets Annie Maddock and falls madly in love, he believes he's met the girl of his dreams. Only he then awakes to discover she is exactly that...nothing more than a dream. Disheartened, he goes to the first coffee shop he can find. There he meets Annie. She is at the same table, reading the same book, and he fast realizes his dream has shown him his own future. But when a misstep alters that perfect future he tries to fix it, every attempt only making it worse. 

Dreaming the future can be a nightmare when you see what's coming...and can't do anything to change it.


The Coffee Shop is an extremely engaging read. 

I really recommend all my blog readers to get this book because oh my... it is freaking good.

The storyline has a great flow, the characters are oh-so-romantic and I love the chemistry between Derrick and Annie.

Oh! If you love time travel, this book will be absolutely perfect for you.

In the beginning, it started out fantastic and I thought it was going to be like a normal romance novel. It was a really great start and I didn't expect the story to twist!

It was absolutely amazing how Lauren spun the story to a whole new level.
It could get really confusing at first with all the changing timelines but I love The Coffee Shop because there are different variations to the whole thing.

It was happy at one time, sad at the next, worse when Derrick changed a little of the time line and then it goes back to happy again.

It was like an emotional rollercoaster and I LOVED IT.

I really enjoyed The Coffee Shop journey and I'm re-reading it again!

Oh, thank you Lauren for the book! You're absolutely amazing!