Friday, 10 January 2014

Review of #61 The Book of Shade by K.C. Finn

Hello guys! As I promised, a new review is here!! *Woohoo*
I am really excited to get back into the groove, starting a new semester of college, making new friends, dodging bad friends and read lots and Lots and LOts and LOTs and LOTS!

So yeah, here it is, The Book of Shade!!


Lily Coltrane’s to-do list for starting university life is pretty simple:
1. Make friends
2. Meet a cute guy
3. Survive her first year in Modern History
In the little English town of Piketon this seems more than achievable, so much so that Lily even joins The Illustrious Minds Literary Society, an extra-curricular club that promises a truly unique social experience. What Lily doesn’t bank on are the Society’s monthly visits to the mysterious Theatre Imaginique at the edge of town, a dark venue that houses the most obscure cavalcade of carnival performers she has ever laid eyes on. 
Stranger still is the emergence of the theatre’s enigmatic proprietor Lemarick Novel, a stupendous showman with a frosty wit who never seems to smile, and who raises a plethora of questions in Lily’s fearful mind. How does he levitate with no sign of wires or mirrors? How do the lightning bolts that shoot from his hands look so real? And why, of all the people in the theatre, do his pale eyes keep locking on hers? 
The answers to this and more lie buried in heritage and blood. The Book of Shade is opening, and Lily Coltrane will read it, whether she wants to or not.

Yeap, I really don't like the face on the book but once you start reading, you'll understand why its there. He's quite ugly isn't it? Hehe...

My review

Reading the synopsis of the story had my heart pumping in anticipation and guess what?
It really got my heart pumping!

At first, it started out in a really nice and comfortable pace. Lily met her new roommate and seems to be fascinated with her.

However, as the story progresses, I can't help but think that The Book of Shade is almost a tinny-bit similar to The Cirque du Freak book....and I HAVE SINNED.

It was absolutely awesome.

Expect what any normal college student would do in a new semester, studying really hard, finishing assignments and then suddenly knowing that you have powers. You freak out even more when the so-called magician of Theatre Imaginique keeps staring at you in between acts and try to scare you.
He looks prematurely old but he's actually young. Well, not really.

The one thing that I love the most in this book is the attraction between Lily and Novel.
I mean, he doesn't even smile and Lily made it her mission to see him smile even if its only once.
Its not like those usual book where the girl will fall in love with the guy and vice versa.

There are no heart stuttering, breathless moments or falling in love at first side in this story.

There is only a moment of clarity of how perfect his imperfection was to her, the lengths that he'll go to protect her and then "The Kiss" happens.

This book is just awesome.

Be prepared to be surprised, have fun in figuring out the fantastic posters of Theatre Imaginique, cringe in anticipation of the suspense and fall in love with The Book of Shade.

K.C. Finn is AWESOME. Definitely on my favorite authors list.


Saturday, 4 January 2014

The Return of Selina!

Hello everyone!!

It has been a long time since I've posted anything in my blog and that's why I want to say Sorry! to all of you!

Yes, I took a few months break to sort out college stuff, had random holidays and getting ready for a new semester of college.

It was hectic, stressful, relief and awesomeness all thrown into one.

I hope all of you had a great new year and stay tune for a LOT of updates and books cause its WAY past its time.


Thank You to everyone who are still here supporting me. I love you!
May you all always be well and happy!