Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Review of #22 The Torturer's Daughter by Zoe Cannon

First of all, I love how the dystopian society formed a world filled with fear of dissidents.
Zoe Cannon definitely instilled fear in all of her characters, making them follow the status quo and such.
It is very fascinating to read Becca's perspective and her relationship with her mother, which is a torturer.

Not only that, Becca's world was literally turned upside down and it made her question everything she knew in her world.
Heck, it even made me question everyone's motives.

She had a hard time figuring things out and her constant fear of dissidents made her paranoid about everything.

I really like the way Zoe Cannon explored Becca's character because the elements of human nature are definitely explored and the way she describes Becca's fabric of reality being torn apart was super good.

I didn't really like the ending but the ending was truly explosive.
I'd never expected Becca to make that kind of decision but I really admire her.

All in all, expect love, betrayal, sadness, loyalty and hatred in The Torturer's Daughter.



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