Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Review of #12 Transcend by Christine Fonseca

Hey everyone!!

I'm so sorry that I haven't been updating my blog. There were some problems with my internet so I was catching up with all the books so I can write my review here.

So, here it is!

Transcend is sad, shocking and beautiful.
It took me to a journey filled with horror and I really pity Ien.
It literally took me by surprise when I read it till the ending. Its similar to the Phantom of The Opera yet its not.
The confusion, the love triangle, the miscommunication, the heartbreak and death signifies this book.
Its definitely dark and terrible but in the end, I am in love with this book.
From the cover to the contents of the book, it is remarkably good.
My cup of tea. :D

Thank you, Christine for letting me review your book.
It was an honor.



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