Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Review of #18 The Crush (Book One) by Denise Mathew

The Crush is another awesome book written by Denise Mathew.
I am absolutely in love with the world that Denise created.

I am also in love with the apocalypse theme and how the world changed when all the plastics in the world disintegrate and formed Vapour which killed a lot of people.

The Vapourcalypse, (:D) changed the world in so many ways and two different groups were formed.

I love the characters, settings and plot because there were many in-depth exploration of the characters and the plot is filled with suspense, love and tragic but brutal death.
My cup of tea. hehe

Its a great book and I wish to see the world in a movie.
It'll be a super great material. :D

Thank you again, Denise. The Crush is SUPERB!



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