Thursday, 9 May 2013

Review of#25 Darkness of Morning by Samantha Boyette

Like I said, Darkness of Morning is the second installment of The Guardian of Morning Series.

It picks up really well from the first book and I love how Samantha explores the character in more ways.

Throughout the story, I really hated Dylan/ Morning because she was such a jealous bitch but I guess it wasn't really her fault. I believe a writer is good if you can actually bring out emotions from the readers so, cheers!

I love Kara because she's strong and she maintained her cool throughout the story. There was only a part where she was freaking pissed but it was expected of her.

The settings are good and suspense is GREAT.

Why oh why did you put the suspense at the end. It's SLOWLY KILLING ME but what's a book without suspense, eh?

Thank you Samantha for allowing me to review your book. It was absolutely divine.
Do let me review your third copy. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your series. :D



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