Friday, 31 May 2013

Review of #31 Surface by Tiffany Daune

'Surface' grips your attention from the very beginning.
This is because its filled with action, mystery and suspense.

The beginning is really good because it made made me feel as if I'm hanging off the edge of the cliff.
It made me question a lot of things and 'Surface' really got my attention.

I love how Tiffany gave a twist to the whole mermaid-siren thing, the idea is fresh and its good.

However, I didn't really get the chemistry  between Theia and Luc. Their love was so sudden, it made me stumble. It'll be really great if there's more suspense between them because readers could really see the chemistry between them grow into a beautiful thing.

The setting, which is in the sea, are not really explored. 
Hopefully, the second book will be better in terms of the description of the setting and the chemistry between all characters.

All in all, 'Surface' is a wonderful read.



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