Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Review of #26 Revival (The Variant Series) by Jena Leigh

Oh my gosh,
This book is seriously awesome.
It blew my mind with all the thrill, suspense, and the peek-a-boo romance within its pages.

It is absolutely, unbelievably GOOD!

I love the writing style and the way Jena brought in the character to the story.
The whole twist and turn of the storyline was unexpected.
There's a lot of laughter and it made my tummy hurt in a good way.

In addition,
It was a page turn from the beginning till the end.

My favourite characters in the book?
Alex and Declan!!
Love the chemistry between them.

Thank you, Jena for providing the opportunity for me to read your book.
The time taken to read it was absolutely worth it.

You are definitely in my favourite author's list.

Selina. :D  


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