Friday, 31 May 2013

Review of #29 To Stand Beside Her by B. Kristin McMichael

I love love LOVE this book!

The content is original, the writing style is awesome and easy to understand.

I fell in love with Leila straight away because she is kick-ass and humorous.
I hated King Nalick at first because I was looking at Leila's point of view. But as her point of view changed towards Nalick, I started to like Nalick's character.

I love how the author is able to bring me and my imagination to this beautiful ride called, To Stand Beside Her.

Leila is one of best strong female characters I've ever seen because the author presented her as someone with a specific skill set.

Not only that, the other characters were also perfectly woven into the story.

To Stand Beside Her promises an engaging read, filled with the ups and downs of human life, loyalty, love and death.

Selina. :D  


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