Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Review of #9 Mortality by Kellie Sheridan

I LOVE Kellie too.
I LOVE Zombies too, as you can see.
I want a physical copy of the book but I can't get it here!
Why, oh why? The world is so bloody evil. = (
Savannah is headstrong, stubborn as hell, strong and determined.
It was the character that made me fall in love with Mortality.
The zombies made me fall Harder in love with Mortality.
Its super fantastic and I'm reading Mortality again when I have free time.

The story line is great, making me feel every bump on the road, the fear and the pain.
I love that there were two points of view, from Savannah to the girl who was turning into the second type of zombie.

I wish there was another word that is greater than great.
For those of you out there who loves zombies, do give this book a try.
It will be worth it.
Of course, the amount of suspense that I'm getting from the books that I've reviewed will definitely kill me one day, so, Kellie, do give me the second book of mortality to review as soon as possible.
I do not want to die. *wink,wink*



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