Sunday, 31 March 2013

Review of #10 Lacrimosa (The Requiem Series #1) by Christine Fonseca

Hey guys and gals!
When I first started reading Lacrimosa, it was weird at first because of the style of writing.
BUT, as the story unfolds, I totally saw the need of that type of writing style. It is absolutely perfect for the story line and I love the way Nesy (The Main Character) plays her role in the book.

Expect Warrior Sentinels of Angels, expect suspense at every single page and expect the beautiful love story of Aydan and Nesy to unfold.

I love the way the story was told in different perspective and making the angels sound and look human too.

It was definitely a thrilling ride and the sudden shocking ending at the end really really made me want to know what happens in the next book.

I feel so sad at the end but if you really want to find out what this book is about, you gotta read it.
Its Seriously Damn Good. Period.

Selina. :D



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