Thursday, 28 March 2013

#19 Karmic by Denise Mathew

Okay everyone! This is another book from Denise Mathew. :D
Don't get bored. I assure you, the synopsis is fascinating and it's totally different from all of her other books.

With a string of foster homes and a few minor brushes with the law behind him, seventeen-year-old Luke Tremaine is finally on the straight and narrow. But when one bad decision results in a fatal hit and run, he sees everything he's worked for, including his only real relationship with his almost girlfriend Daria, slip from his grasp. And just when he thinks his life is over, a new one begins.

Karma isn’t just a gorgeous goth chick, she’s a real live supernatural being who keeps a universal tab of all the rights and wrongs of humanity, and she has big plans for Luke. Unfortunately so does her evil sister Movekama AKA, Bad Karma.

With dark enemies popping up out of nowhere, and despite ghosts treating him like he’s the next Ghost Whisperer, Luke must either find out where he fits in Karma’s grand plan—one she’s not too keen on letting him in on—or watch Daria die for his ignorance.

With a healthy dose of humor, Karmic will take you on a whirlwind adventure, where magic and the mundane collide in the most amusing way.

Fans of Sherrilyn Kenyon's the Chronicles of Nick series might appreciate Karmic.


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