Tuesday, 5 March 2013

#2 Altered -Revelations Of The Evolved by Shawnda Currie

I received this book yesterday from Shawnda Currie (Goodreads Author).
I'm so excited that I have a pile of e-books in my mail just waiting for me to read and review it.
Its a YA book and below is the synopsis. XD

Abandoned by her family, Lacey is sent to a juvenile detention center known as Clear Waters. Her teen years don't look promising until she is befriended by a mysterious stranger named Taylor, a gorgeous guy whose captivating eyes seem to stare into her soul. 
Convinced she is in danger at Clear Waters, Lacey joins Taylor in a daring escape. 
As she meets Taylor's group of friends, she discovers that they're more than they seem - they've been sent from the future to head off an evil corporate plot that will lead to a world war unless averted. With Lacey as their only hope to prevent a grim future, Taylor shows Lacey how to tap into her psychic abilities known in his time as evolved humans. 
Travelling with her new friends, she discovers the magic of love while she grows into the powerful warrior chosen to make the difference to the world.



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