Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Review of #4 Walking In The Shadows by Cassandra Giovanni

Its another great book from Cassandra.
Definitely a page turner.
The fictional Crimson Reign in Cassandra's world is like the Twilight Series in out world.
Its funny to see the majority of the female species in "Walking In The Shadows" are crazy for Crimson Reign, just like our crazy die-hard Twilight fans!
The way she describes Tad Knightley makes me soft, as in *long sigh*
I admire the way Vera/ Abigail carry on with her life even though it sucks like hell cause her parents were murdered by sick psychos pretending to be vampires based on the Crimson Reign Series.
Suspense is imminent in this novel.

I love LOVE this book. :D
Perks Of Reading Walking In The Shadows:
-There's romance (A student-teacher romance BUT believe me, Vera was Tad's girlfriend when he graduated from the university)
-You can guess the killer (Point your finger to that crazy b***h)  =)
-You'll love the ending.



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