Sunday, 10 March 2013

Review of #2 Altered- Revelations Of The Evolved by Shawnda Currie

This book is seriously worth getting but I can't get it here due to numerous reason. (Like I'm in the Asia Pacific so its not available.)  = (

Its sad to see that Lacey is practically abandoned by her family and friends.
Her dad is an ass but its beautiful to see Lacey become a much stronger person.

The story line is SUPERB and I have put Shawnda Currie into my favourite author list.
There's tension and excitement in the story.
And....there's love~

And they went to Las Vegas!

And *sigh*
This story is amazing.
"5 HEARTS" or "5 STARS" or "2 Thumbs Up"

Sincerely and Truthfully,


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