Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Review of #5 Morning Rising by Samantha Boyette

Its a new, refreshing twist to a young adult romance novel.
Perks of reading Morning Rising:
-There's girl-on-girl action. (Hehehehe. This is for those who like that stuff. Nothing too hardcore. =D)
-There's war and destruction.
-There's superpowers.
-Its in another dimension/world where the egg yolks are purple.

Its great to see more female characters taking up the role of heroine.
Morning Rising took me on a journey filled with heartbreak, curses, laughter and fun.
Who knew regaining your memory with an awakening stone is painful?
Oh yeah. There's also Demitar who is kinda like Lucifer in my book.
Personally, I think that Demitar is a real pussy. He doesn't really sound that scary in the novel but its nice to see heroines kicking butt.

I can't wait for book 2 because I'll like to know what'll happen next.
If its out, Samantha, do give me a copy. :D 



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