Sunday, 10 March 2013

Review of #1 Black Moon by Jessica McQuay

First of all,

I LOVE the cover.
The synopsis is very interesting and beautifully written.
I want to thank Jessica for allowing me to read her book even though it is not fully edited yet.
The story line is great but it doesn't give me enough time to react (meaning, it was one thing after another without a pause).

I think that Paige being a half-faerie and half-shifter is a great medium to work with as she can be a kick-ass heroine but I can't really grasp her character.
I can see that she's strong but the way Paige is evolving in the story made me feel like Paige is a child with no mature thinking.

No offence, Jessica. :D
I think that the novel can be better and I look forward to see Paige becoming a stronger character with a firm determination. I love the idea of half-faerie and half-shifter and this world needs another heroine!

Sincerely and Truthfully,


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