Monday, 29 July 2013

Review of #52 The Reaper Within by Stephanie Jackson

Hey guys! I got this book and I gotta say, The Reaper Within is AWESOME. 
First of all, take a look at the cover. :D

Scary and haunting? The cover gave me the creeps but the story isn't like that at all. 
It was a blend of scary and interesting based on my opinion.

Take a look at the synopsis down below. 

Melissa Chaser leads what most people would think was an interesting life. Mel's job was to find wayward spirits and cross them over to the other side; she was a real life Reaper. It was a hard and dangerous job, especially when the spirits were wreaking havoc on people or property, but it was never anything that she couldn't handle.

And then she got the fateful call from Mrs. Mabry. There was a problem with a house she'd just purchased, and she needed Mel's help. It was just standard ghost stuff; things moving around, and a few disembodied voices, but nothing Mel hadn't seen a thousand times before. 

Little did she know who, or what, she would find when she stepped into the old Memphis mansion. Nothing about the ghosts in the home made any sense to her, and time was running out. Could Mel finish the job and get off the property before something in the house reaped her?

I gave this book "FIVE STARS" and you know why?
Cause its awesome.
Plain and simple.

Firstly, the writing style is great! 
Get ready for a lot of suspense because seriously, I really think this book needs a shrine dedicated to it.

I love how Stephanie created a twist to the whole "Reaper" story. The folklore, the myth of it all, well you can throw it out the door. 
If you keep an open mind, the type of Reaper that you're gonna know in The Reaper Within is going to blow your mind.

I admit, I am not a huge fan of horror movies but this book has the perfect blend of making me scared (because I love reading at night) to loving it in a blink of an eye.

I can see the Stephen King influence in the story and I gotta say, BRAVO!

Secondly, the characters compliments each other very well and I love the main character (Melissa)  because she is fearless.

If we were in her situation, we would be scared shitless. Not only that, if I have her ability, I would rather admit myself into a mental hospital.

Because, DUDE! If she decides to take a job, she will be stuck to that place until each and every spooky thingy at that place go to whatever place they're suppose to go. Oh and don't forget about those spooks who are absolutely terrifying, they're worse than The Exorcist but similar to the Black Widow.

Basically, most of the setting in the story is in this huge house which is absolutely perfect for the story.

Lastly, I didn't expect Melissa to fall in love. (You gotta read the book to know what I'm saying so I really really really think you gotta get this book. :D )
It was a really great twist to the story and I absolutely love it!!

All in all, The Reaper Within is a great read, Stephanie Jackson is an awesome writer and I really think that you will miss you if you don't get this book. It's awesome, awesome, awesome.




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