Sunday, 21 July 2013

Review of #51 You Are Mine by Janeal Falor

First of all, I love the cover.

It is utterly beautiful! I just wanna say thanks to Janeal Falor because she wanted me to review her book and I gotta say...its AWESOME!

When I first read the synopsis, I felt it was kinda corny at first. So, I decided to read the review copy on my phone (since I don't have an ebook reader, which I wanna!).

So there I was, squinting into the small screen of my Samsung S2, reading every single page with my breath held. A sudden thought struck me and that's when I knew, this story is truly a work of art.

I was confused at the beginning but as I read more, I fell in love with the character's world. It isn't beautiful or anything but it was definitely a different world where women are basically used for breeding. If your blood has a great, immense power of magic, your dad will sell you to the highest bidder. I fell in love with that world not because I have a sick sense of humor but because that world really compliments the whole story and it intersects itself with every character in the book.

I love the writing style and really felt sorry for the main character, Serena because she was abused.
But in the end, I really I was really happy for her because she fell in love with a man.

The community in You Are Mine are really different from ours. Women are treated like crap, they have no say in anything and men are such a-holes. However, I love how Serena fell in love with the man who owned her because he is not like the others and he treats her with respect.

I would love to tell you how she came to be owned by that man but it'll be a spoiler. XD

I really love how the story turned out and I can't wait for book 2!



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