Thursday, 11 July 2013

Review of #42 The Cadence by Casey Hays

The Cadence is fantastic!!!! Not only that, it is ORIGINAL.

I absolutely love the whole concept of the book, where this group of young adults has different heightened sense. It's based on the Touch, See, Feel, Smell and etc.

I love how the story started with Emma King (I feel your pain) and her character development in the story really made me love this character to the core. She started out okay but in the end, she took charge and showed who's boss.

Basically, The Cadence, as the title shows, is a group of bad guy who, of course, wants more power for world domination and bla bla bla.
So, this group of young people somehow ended up with each other on circumstances unknown to us mere humans. They are all drawn together into a Circle where they would be complete. When they are finally complete, they will have to face The Cadence, the ultra-evil group of humans who are not humans anymore.

I love this book because the writing style got to me, the story hooked me in and of course, every YA book in the world has a character where the the main character (Emma) would fall undeniably in love with that guy even though he acts like a prick, being all bad-ass and stuff.

There's no other words to describe this book than awesome. Even if there is, I'll still stick with awesome.



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