Thursday, 11 July 2013

Review of #44 The Samantha Project (#1) by Stephanie Karpinske

The Samantha Project is fantastic!
When I first read it (I had the old copy, not the updated version), it was kinda slow at first but the story grows into a humongous tree and starts fruiting awesome storyline, characters and suspense.

I love how the main character, Samantha, slowly develops into a great character.
The storyline is similar to some books yet it is slightly different from the others.

I love the plots and the twist, the dashes of romance in between, the blend of human emotions that is unpredictable and great characters.

Not only that, the science fiction background absolutely complements the story.
Plus, the bad guys who wants Samantha and her love interest is really awful and terrible, makes this book a killer.



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