Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Review of #40 After Summer by Hannah Harvey

After Summer is a rollercoaster, you can literally feel the ups and downs of life and you're going through whatever the characters are going through.

That's the beauty of Hannah Harvey's writing.

This book is absolutely beautiful and the story is really touching. I almost cried at some parts because the emotions that the characters portrayed in the book was so strong, you can't help but be swept away by their torrent of emotions.

This book questions everything in life and it'll probably form connections to readers who are reading this.

After Summer talks about the bond of friendship, the ties of a relationship, the aftermath of a funeral and love. It also talks about the decisions we make in life and how a simple decision could affect everybody is a different way.

The beautiful portrayal of the whole story made me question my plans in life because it opened my eyes.

The underlying theme in After Summer for me is, "Your future isn't written in stone."
Some people might expect you to do as you're told but you're the one living this life. You might feel so confused in what you want to be, who you want to become and where you're going to go in the future that you might lose track of your own goal.

After Summer is undeniably beautiful, heart-stopping, a great companion in life and an awesome motivational speaker. Its very pages teaches you about life, love and hate.
The end of the book is absolutely stunning, written perfectly to give a book the end that everybody is craving for.

There is no doubt that Hannah Harvey is awesome. I give this book a million stars if I could.




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