Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Review of #38 Blood Debt (Touched #1) by Nancy Straight

Hello everyone!! Its been so long since I last wrote a book review but now I'm here, writing as fast as I can so I can take a holiday after the exams. :D

I've read Blood Debt about a month ago but I didn't really have the time to write a review (which sucks) because I was having a lot of presentations, booths and virtual blog tour.

Even though I've read Blood Debt a month ago, the whole story is so captivating that I can't help but remember every piece of the story.

Nancy Straight really made the story different from the others, she took elements from Greek mythology and made it her own!

Centaurs in Blood Debt is ABSOLUTELY DIFFERENT from what we'd imagined. They do not have hooves and they are ABSOLUTELY Hot. Seriously.

The rules of the centaur community made the story all the more interesting because there's elements of forbidden love, the undeniable connection between the main character (Cami) and her love interest (Drake).

The centaur society is also beautifully fitted into the puzzle piece of Blood Debt.

I definitely love the suspense as it is continuously stretched in the story but you can't help but keeping wanting more of Camille.

All I can say is, Blood Debt is fantastic and it's a definite change of scenery from all the norms of vampires, werewolves, or anything supernatural in particular.

I really really want to read Book 2 because this awesome story isn't finished yet.

Selina. :D  


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