Saturday, 1 June 2013

Review of #37 Splinter by London Cole

You would love 'Splinter' if you're a dystopian & supernatural fan.

'Splinter' is edgy and was formerly published as Whisper Walker.

What's Whisper Walker? Well, you gotta read it to find out.

The starting of the story is good because its action packed. Suspense in the starting part was definitely a plus.

I love the characters and the way London portrayed them in the first place. I love Kelsie especially because she was portrayed as a fearless character and is capable of handling herself.

However, as the story unfolds, I find Kelsie kinda boring. This is because the story is told through Kelsie and Drake's point of view. I find Drake's character was explored more than Kelsie.

All in all, 'Splinter' is a wonderful read and if chemistry between characters are what you're looking for then 'Splinter' is the book for you.



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