Sunday, 18 August 2013

Review of #56 Who is Audrey Wickersham by Sara Shrieves

I know everything that's happened is my fault. I try to tell myself that it's okay, I never wanted a normal life to begin with. But then I think about who's been hurt, and I wish that I could go back to the beginning. Back to when I was just a nobody wandering the halls of my high school, alone and unnoticed. Back to when I was completely oblivious to what killing somebody felt like.

You have to understand though, I had no choice.

My review: 

Hey guys and gals! I am SINCERELY SORRY for the silence. Especially to all my favourite authors who'd sent me emails! I am doing my best to get back to you!

Okay, back to the review!

Do you like the cover? I LOVED IT! It absolutely portrayed the character, Audrey, perfectly.

The starting part of the novel is really good. The story is slowly built up with perfect suspense and the momentum then carries out the whole story.

Overall, I love the starting part, the middle part and the last part but the transitions between them are not really enjoyable.

I've found myself loving and hating the main character, Audrey because she sounds like a brat sometimes but overall, the story is awesome.

I love her dad though because I can see that he was the constant rock in the whole story.
Not only that, he's like the perfect dad everyone wants. (Well, maybe not everyone. XD)

Overall, some of the characters in the story does not complement each but some do.

If you wanna read a story just for the heck of zombies (Though these are not the one that I like a.k.a. zombies like the Walking Dead) of zombie for that matter, this book is for you.

If you just wanna read a story just to go for an okay ride, this book will be perfect for you.




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